Our Olive Oil Farm

The relationship of the Develekos family with the cultivation of olives has deep roots in time. It all started in 1875 when the ancestors of the family – originally from Valtetsi, Arcadia – moved to the area permanently. They bought land with olives, planted more olive trees and bought additional property until they came to own 1800 acres at which time they started to approach the cultivation of their olive trees systematically. It is from this point that the traditions of the production of our now award-winning olive oil started. If a visitor wishes, he or she will have the opportunity to participate in the process of harvesting the olives from October to the end of November and then to taste it directly and to purchase it at exceptional prices. In addition to our warm reception, our estate will also provide other produce and products, such as table olives, honey, lemons, pomegranates, olive oil soaps and cosmetic creams made with olive oil, as well as many seasonal produce such as fresh vegetables and fresh eggs from our farm! In fact, produce and products will be made available to visitors upon request if they wish to prepare their own meals.


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