Information regarding the general area and attractions:

The location of our property is suitable for day trips to the surrounding islands – with a distance of only 3km to the port of Metochi from which you can be transported to the cosmopolitan island of Hydras only; with a distance of 22km to the beautiful island of Poros; with a distance of 35 km to the stately island of Spetses; while the historic city of Nafplio is 70 km away and the ancient theater of Epidaurus is just 65km. For lovers of hiking and history, there is the Katafiki Gorge, a location of unparalleled beauty and, at one spot, there is a hole which, according to Greek Mythology, was the entrance to Hades from which Hercules took Cerberus and, into which, the god Pluto led Persephone the daughter of the goddess Demeter to the underworld.

Folk tradition also says that the gorge connects with the Franchthi cave, another very important prehistoric location that one must definitely visit since it is one of the oldest caves in the world, especially since a human skeleton called homo sapien was found there and which was probably inhabited by Neanderthal man. Further along, we reach the island-town of Ermioni which is 17km from our property and where you can take a magical and quiet walk in the Bisti Grove where there are many archeological finds and where you can drink your coffee in the beautiful Mandrakia.

In addition, hiking is possible on Mount Aderes but you can also visit the chapel of the Prophet Elias which dominates from a very high point on the Mount. From here, there is a magnificent view which stretches from the bay of Hydra with its crystal clear waters, the three lakes that exist in the area but also the famous canals of Porto – Hydra which, despite being built in the 1970s, still inspire the admiration of visitors and are only 1.5km from our property and can be visited both by land and by sea. In the neighboring village of Thermisia, there is a beautiful castle that can be visited by walking on graduated paths. Furthermore, there are countless public beaches, either with pebbles or with sand. And if you enjoy fishing, then this is the ideal place for

you since you can fish in front of our lodging or, after consulting with the owner, use our boat to go fishing.